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    Sify achieves cash break-even for the fourth quarter
    Consolidates leadership with strong growth for the year

    Chennai, India, 17th April 2003: Sify Limited (Nasdaq National Market: SIFY), India’s premier Internet, networking and e-Commerce company, announced today its consolidated US GAAP results for the fourth quarter and the year ended March 31, 2003.

    Performance highlights:

    • Sify reports a positive cash profit (in Adjusted EBITDA* terms) during the quarter for the first time in over twelve quarters. Sify also reports a positive cash generation from operations (cash profit less increase in working capital).

    • Sales revenue for the quarter increased to USD 12.8 million (52% increase over same quarter last year; 17% sequential increase over the last quarter).

    • Net loss for the quarter under US GAAP was reduced to USD 3.1 million, from USD 8.6 million in the prior year and USD 6.8 million in the immediately preceding quarter.

    • Net increase in cash during the quarter was USD 0.7 million as against cash burn of USD 3.5 million same quarter last year

    • Cash at the end of the quarter was USD 22.6 million.

    Mr R Ramaraj, Managing Director and CEO, said, “We are all pleased that Sify is reporting a cash profit and a positive cash generation from operations this quarter. This is a validation of Sify’s business model. I would particularly like to recognise the contribution from all our customers and our employees who have made this milestone reachable”.