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  • Import aus China - Seeweg

    Zusammenfassende Türkei-Anleger-Informationen: siehe oberer Beitrag.
    Hier einige ermutigende Nachrichten:

    IMF: Turkish Economic Program on Path
    Mon Jul 22, 1:04 PM ET

    ANKARA, Turkey (AP) - An International Monetary Fund official said Monday Turkey's economic recovery program was moving forward, despite a two-month government crisis.

    An IMF delegation headed by Juha Kahkonen was on a two week visit to check the progress of Turkey's IMF-backed austerity plan. A favorable opinion by Kahkonen is crucial for the Fund to release $1.1 billion in loans.

    "It is a good sign of the program's resilience that in the middle of political uncertainty the program has produced good results and the government has been able to deliver on reform," Kahkonen said.

    Kahkonen's visit comes as Prime Minister Bulent Ecevit's government, hit by mass defections, is struggling to hold onto power and is debating early elections.

    Kahkonen said early elections could delay reforms that need parliament to pass legislation.

    "However, we are pleased that coalition leaders ... have expressed commitment to implement policies," Kahkonen said.

    Turkey, which is the fund's largest borrower with $31 billion in IMF loans, is suffering from a crippling economic crisis that has seen 2 million job losses. Its economy shrank 9.4 percent last year.

    The government is responsible for carrying out economic reforms, which many feared would come to a standstill as Ecevit grappled to hold his coalition government together.

    As part of the IMF-backed plan, Turkey must cuts its debt, reduce its public sector, and privatize state-owned industries.

    Turkey targets three percent growth and 35 percent inflation for the year.

    "We believe that ... targets remain well within reach," Kahkonen said.