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    The government commission on electricity sector reform is to recommend that the
    government not change the proposed structure of seven GenCo. The commission
    includes UES CEO Anatoly Chubais, RusAl CEO Oleg Deripaska and Minister of Energy
    and Industry Victor Khristenko. The only change to the initial plan is creation of one
    hydro GenCo instead of four. But this change is not significant for creation of a
    competitive market since those four GenCo could not compete with each other. We are
    positive on this decision since redrafting of GenCo structure would delay reform.
    However, there were no significant doubts about this decision.
    S&P upgraded the UES credit rating to B+ from B with a stable outlook. The agency
    noted better UES financials and improvements on electricity and heat markets. Recent
    delays in UES restructuring would not influence UES creditworthiness. The Mosenergo
    rating remained at B- and Irkutskenergo was upgraded to B. This is not very significant
    news for sector shares but sets a positive tone.