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7c Solarparken: undervalued and American investment fund appetite

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  • 7c Solarparken: undervalued and American investment fund appetite

    As Belgian inhabitant, my german is not good enough to communicate this, so I do it in English.

    This comes from the CNBC-website:

    Solar stocks are rising as investors bet on a possible Biden tailwind

    On XETRA is a similar stock quoted: 7c Solarparken ( Rumours are in the market that investment funds from Morgan Stanley or JP Morgan are willing to take a participation in the shareholders capital of 7c Solarparken.

    German investment bank Warburg has calculated a fair price for the share of 4,4€. The closing price today on XETRA was 3,9€.

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    7c Solarparken 4€ pro Aktie?

    today is the stock price 3,9€. As mentioned, if Bidens wins, solar companies quoted on a stock exchange will profit form this event.


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      Solarparken in Europa nach oben

      The Spanish company shares of Solarpack Corporation are also rising, just as those from 7c Solarparken.

      Solarparken are clearly drawing the attention of many investors

      Today the Spanish company's shares are up 4%, yesterday 5%...
      Solarpack Corporacion Tecnologica, S.A.SPKES0105385001


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        Neues Hochstkurs fur 7c Solarparken!

        This week the stock price surpassed 4€ pro share with a very high turnover. Even 4,18€ was reached. Forreign investement funds and private investor bying drove the share price above 4€. Green technology (solar, windmills) is hot nowadays. Look at RWE today in relation to the the sale of a part of its offshrre windmill park. .


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          Two financial institutions with a excellent reputation - Warburg and Metzler - raised their target price for the share to 5,2€ en 5,1€, well above the closing price op 4,72€ today. See for more information:

          With Joe Biden as American President green energy will attract far more iattention of investors around the globe and 7c Solarparken will surely profit this trend.