This week, at the monetary policy meeting of the European Central Bank, it will be decided how to manage the economic construction of Europe, given the new challenges arising from the global economic rearrangement; In addition, the events linked to the resolution of Brexit and the trade war continue to be the great catalysts of the EUR / USD pair and of the world economic future, next to a series of macro data, which I summarize as a complement in section No. 3 “Calendar Economic ”of this text as well as the technical analysis presented in section No. 2.

A.- Brexit: The political battle between Boris Johnson and the British parliament, after most parliamentarians voted last week in favor of a motion that allows them to take control of the parliamentary agenda, before which the prime minister, has chosen to force a call for early elections by October 15, before the next deadline on the EU's exit agenda from October 31.

For its part, the Parliament defends the position of holding the elections, but after this date, in order to maintain control and prevent a hard Brexit or without agreement, as Johnson intended, or carry them out before October ends but once the law that forces Johnson to achieve a Brexit with agreement comes into effect.

The resolution in favor of the legislative position could maintain expectations of bullish impulses for the pair; on the contrary, Johnson's victory imposing the election date at his convenience and mocking the law that obliges him to an agreement would be bearish for EUR/USD.