INVESTOR ALERT - TRTC On High Progress Alert !

Bio·Vegetable & Marijuana-Hemp & Green Tech - Terra Tech Corp. - USA
( Also Medical )

For many surprising, TRTC at its New 5-Acre Production Plant does much
faster Progress since May 5, 2013 when the first digging started, as seen
by today’s Photo below : https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?f...type=1&theater

It became known, that from middle of August 2013, before the Production
Plant is completed, they at 1 - 2 Acre will parallel already start to GROW
Bio- Plants and gradually increase the GROW- Acres to FULL Production
Capacity during its Production Plant Completion to before End of 2013.

This means End of September 2013 the first Fresh Bio- Vegetable &
Herbs will be Sold from TRTC’s New Production Plant and to End of
2013 for the months October, November and December this will add
Revenues of about $ 1,5 Mn by TRTC’s annual overall 2013 Revenue
Estimate resulting to $ 8,9 Mn !
Also To Consider Revenues 2013 & 2014 Basics : http://www.investorshub.advfn.com/bo...ge_id=89996843

TRTC’s New Hydroponic 5-Acre Fully Automatically High-Tech Bio- Plants
Production Facility is not only the biggest, but Only One Of Kind in the
USA and therefore represents them as the No.1 Leader in the Field !

The above also proves how TRTC is working hard on growing Profits
instead as many other Penny Stock Companies by creating PRs only
and therefore will soon go to NASDAQ by all Investors Very Happy !