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Thema: dynaCERT, NEL, PowerCell – Welche ist die beste Wasserstoff Aktie?

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    dynaCERT, NEL, PowerCell – Welche ist die beste Wasserstoff Aktie?

    Das Wasserstoff Thema boomt. Doch welche ist eurer Meinung nach die Beste Wasserstoff Aktie?

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    DynaCert (0,50 CAD) - Großaktionär mit Namen...

    DYA - Da ist zumindest der berühmte Investor Eric Sprott investiert

    News Release (29.11.2019) DynaCERT Inc. has completed an arm's-length equity offering for aggregate gross proceeds of $14-million, which has been fully subscribed by an entity controlled by Eric Sprott. The company has issued an aggregate of 28 million units at a price of 50 cents per unit. Each unit consists of one common share and one-half of one common share purchase warrant. Each whole warrant entitles the holder thereof to purchase one share at an exercise price of 65 cents per share on or before Nov. 26, 2021, subject to 30-day notice of acceleration expiry at the option of the company at any time if, for any 10 consecutive trading days during the unexpired term of such warrants, the closing price of the company's shares on the TSX Venture Exchange is greater than 80 cents. In accordance with applicable securities laws, all of the shares and warrants issued under the offering are subject to a hold period equal to four month plus one day, which will expire on March 29, 2020.
    The net proceeds of the offering will be used in part for capital expenditures to modernize and extend the assembly line of DynaCERT's HydraGEN technology in Toronto, as well as for expanding marketing and after-sales support within the transportation industry in North America, Mexico and Europe, the design, marketing and sales of HydraGEN technology aimed toward the global mining industry, both open pit and underground, for the furtherance of dynaCERT's strategy to monetize carbon credits and for general working capital purposes.
    Mr. Sprott, through 2176423 Ontario Ltd., a corporation of which he is the controlling shareholder, has subscribed for 100 per cent of the offering, acquiring 28 million units for total consideration of $14-million. Prior to the offering, Mr. Sprott owned or controlled 1,893,500 shares of the company representing approximately 0.63 per cent of the then issued and outstanding shares. As a result of the offering, Mr. Sprott now beneficially owns or controls 29,893,500 shares and 14 million warrants of the company representing approximately 9.12 per cent of DynaCERT issued and outstanding shares on a non-diluted basis and approximately 12.85 per cent of the issued and outstanding shares of the company assuming the exercise of such warrants.

    (Dieser Hinweis stellt keine Beratung oder Empfehlung dar. Jeder Investor sollte vor dem Investment eine ausreichende Prüfung der Gesellschaft durchführen und nach seinen Erfahrungen handeln. Sonst bitte Berater in Anspruch nehmen.)

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