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Thema: Bitcoin mining equipment is increasingly efficient in electricity consumption

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    Bitcoin mining equipment is increasingly efficient in electricity consumption

    The electricity consumption by bitcoin mining does not reach 70 terawatts per hour, which places these levels still below the maximum recorded in November 2018. This occurs despite the fact that the processing power has reached a new historical maximum, exceeding for the first time the 90 EH / s, recently.

    In data from the Statista firm, it can be seen that for the month of July 2019, Bitcoin's mining electricity consumption was 69.79 terawatts / hour, while between September and November 2018 the number was above 73 terawatts / hour.

    It is mainly a relief for users who are dedicated to this from European countries such as Hungary, Spain, England and others

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    Great, I went to Hungary a month ago and the van rental budapest motorist told me that the cost of electric power was somewhat high in that country. I imagine that bitcoin miners will be a little happy for those news. Since the equipment needs a lot of current and that was a problem to obtain profits.
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