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    Kaufen Kaufen Kaufen !

    PLUG PLUG POWER INC 6.40 +7.7%
    BLDP BALLARD PWR SYS 14.59 +7.4%
    HHO.TO STUART ENERGY 4.25 +4.7%
    ACPW ACTIVE POWER 3.009 -6.0%
    ENER ENERGY CONV DEV 18.45 +8.5%
    FCEL FUELCELL ENERGY 13.28 +19.1%

    24.9.03: New Deal: Größter Grünstrom-Kaufvertrag in den USA abgeschlossen
    Zwölf US-amerikanische Unternehmen, die sich zu der Green Power Market Development Group zusammengeschlossen haben, wollen 97 Megawatt Strom aus erneuerbaren Energien beziehen. Das berichtet das World Resources Institute (WRI), Washington D.C.
    Die Green Power Group ist eine Partnerschaft zwischen Handels- und Industrieunternehmen. Zu den Mitgliedern zählen Alcoa Inc., Cargill Dow LLC, Delphi Corporation, Dow Chemical, DuPont, General Motors, IBM, Interface, Johnson&Johnson, Kinko's, Pitney Bowes und Staples. Als Ziel geben die Unternehmen die Förderung des Markts für Erneuerbare Energien an.

    Von den insgesamt 97 Megawatt Strom beziehen die Unternehmen der Green Power Group den Angaben zufolge 36 Megawatt aus Windenergie, Biomasse und Deponiegas. Johnson&Johnson habe einen Kaufvertrag über weitere 11 Megawatt aus Windenergie abgeschlossen. Der Kosmetikartikelhersteller zähle damit zu den größten Nutzern von Windenergie in den USA. Dow Chemical wolle 35 Megawatt Strom aus Brennstoffzellen von General Motors beziehen. Dies sei der größte Brennstoffzellen-Auftrag der Welt, so das WRI.


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    Posted on Mon, Sep. 22, 2003

    Schwarzenegger proposes 'hydrogen highway'
    Associated Press

    CARPINTERIA, Calif. - SUV enthusiast Arnold Schwarzenegger is having one of his Hummers overhauled to run on hydrogen, hoping that the move will inspire Detroit - just as his example did 11 years ago when he paid to have a military Humvee turned into the first civilian Hummer.

    "There is no quick solution to this ... but what I want to do is I want to show them my car when it's done and inspire Detroit and let them know that this is what we can do, get going right now," he said Sunday.

    His campaign said the upgrade will cost $21,000 and take one to two months.

    The recall candidate made his remarks Sunday, as he unveiled an environmental plan aimed at cutting smog by up to 50 percent within five to eight years. The centerpiece of his proposal promotes hydrogen-powered cars.

    Hydrogen technology is several years from being a practical reality for consumers, however. Even Schwarzenegger environmental advisers who briefed reporters said no hydro-vehicle is projected to hit the market before one BMW plans for 2006. Schwarzenegger arrived at the event in a GMC Yukon SUV.

    Schwarzenegger said he would sign an executive order to create a network of hydrogen fueling stations by 2010. Running every 20 miles or so along a highway, they would number fewer than 200.

    A hydrogen highway is "speculative, unfunded and far off in the future," said Pedro Nava, a member of the Coastal Commission. "We need solutions now," he said.

    In an exchange with reporters, Schwarzenegger criticized Gov. Gray Davis, saying he "has just started talking about the environment the last few days" in the recall election campaign. But Schwarzenegger backtracked when asked about laws signed by Davis, who generally wins high marks from environmentalists.

    "I'm not aware of all those bills that he has signed the last year," Schwarzenegger said.

    Davis spokesman Peter Ragone responded: "In the past four years Gov. Davis has signed more than 200 measures protecting California's environment. These laws include the toughest air and water quality laws in America, most importantly, a landmark bill to limit greenhouse gases. We already know Arnold doesn't vote regularly in elections; now we know he doesn't read the papers either."

    Schwarzenegger also said he would prevent coastal oil drilling, seek to reduce energy consumption by 20 percent within two years and protect parks and open spaces.

    His speech was disturbed at times by protesters. One pulled out a megaphone and began shouting, "A Hummer isn't clean and Arnold isn't green."

    At one point a Schwarzenegger supporter tried to snatch the megaphone away, resulting in a brief scuffle. The man, 28-year-old Michael Warnken of Santa Barbara, ran away and was later arrested for felony grand theft and resisting arrest, said Santa Barbara County sheriff's Sgt. Chris Pappas.

    In the speech, Schwarzenegger said he would:

    _Stop oil drilling off the coast and negotiate with the federal government to buy back existing oil leases.

    _Work to reduce smog, in part by replacing the oldest and dirtiest vehicles with clean, alternative-fuel vehicles.

    _Preserve forests and parks, and ensure that park fees are used to maintain parks.

    _Protect ancient forests, especially redwoods.

    _Clean up drinking water and oceans.

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